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Home Remodeling contractor in Fort Collin

Home Remodeling Contractor in Fort Collin

Home Remodeling Contractor in Fort Collin

Your home is remodeled and renovated by professional home remodeling contractors in Fort Collin. 

Welcome to Hill Country Design Build! We are a well-established, highly reputable home remodeling and renovation company in Fort Collin. We offer tailored, end-to-end renovation services covering all aspects of residential and commercial home renovations, refurbishments, kitchen remodeling, home additions, outer living spaces, and basement renovations for clients in Fort Collin and surrounding areas. 

Our company believes renovations should be an exciting time for homeowners, and we are dedicated to creating a stress-free experience for our clients. We build long-lasting relationships through clear communication because success is inevitable when everyone’s on the same page. Hill Country Design Build is determined to deliver superb renovations that improve its clients’ lifestyles.

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Expert Renovators In Fort Collin

Our thorough and results-oriented approach is based on a solid understanding of our client’s goals. This helps to avoid common renovation pitfalls. In addition, being well-informed allows our contractors and the team to expect the unexpected and take any project obstacles in stride, ensuring a smooth and straightforward renovation.

Our professionals will take care of your room fitting and refurbishment needs. The team can quickly identify and address your home opportunities or issues, ensuring you have a well-functioning space that fits your daily needs. As experienced home remodeling contractors in Fort Collin, we deliver a range of the finest services to maximize the potential of your bathroom.

Our experienced and qualified contractors perform service, maintenance, replacements, and installation, including:

  • Bathroom renovations
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Outdoor living spaces
  • Home Additions
  • Whole House Remodeling

While you work with us, our professionals will ensure you find the highest standards of service valid to the extent. Moreover, we’ll make sure you find comfort, and rest assured your home remodeling project will be to our reliable contractors.

Why Hire Hill Country Design Build For Your Home Renovation?

While working on your home, we don’t compromise on quality in any way. Hill Country Design Build is dedicated to providing top-rated home renovation services to all our clients. As experienced renovation and refurbishment experts, we believe in pouring our hearts and souls into building custom homes.

Every home is as different as every client we serve. From modern to traditional design, our goal is to create a space that will follow the story of your home and provide superb value to it.

Professional Team

We have worked hard to build a trusted team of experts with a proven track history of consistently delivering exceptional service standards and work. With our talented crew, your project will run smoothly and speedily.

Built To Budget

When it comes to remodeling, budgets have a habit of blowing out. Not with Hill Country Design Build! We appreciate a renovation or build can be one of your biggest spends, so always design with your budget in mind, without hidden costs or curveballs.


When you work with our expert home remodeling contractor in Fort Collin, you’ll have the freedom of flexibility. Without a fixed set of fixtures or fittings, you’ll be able to completely control the project based on your project and budget.


As a family-run business, we comprehend the importance of renovations or builds for you and your family. This is one of the primary motives we take time to build relationships and collaborate with our clients to further help you feel involved throughout the whole project. It is just we collaborate and care!


Hill Country Design Build is all about creating spaces that are sure to last long. So, we do our best to remodel your home without causing harm to the environment. We ensure utilizing every bit of unused materials and repurpose them wherever possible. 

Renovate Your Home With Hill Country Design Build

Are you considering renovating your home? Hill Country Design Build can be a perfect destination to cater to all your home renovation and remodeling needs under one roof and at the most affordable prices. 

If you’ve been thinking about renovating your home, get in touch with our local renovation contractor at 970-820-0211 today. We’ll help you explore your options and establish feasible solutions.